Write a press release for new product launch strategy

Operational Plans A strategy is the approach you use to fulfill an objective. For example, if your communication objective is to increase awareness of your product among media by 20 percent, engaging in a press-release strategy would make sense for meeting that objective.

Write a press release for new product launch strategy

Share via Email How would a TV presenter introduce your story?

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Asking yourself that question should give you the top line. But how long should a press release be? And what kind of information should you include? Here are a few tips to help you get started: Make sure your story is newsworthy Before you even attempt to write a press release, think about the things you like to read, watch and listen to in the media.

Most of us are generally interested in things we haven't heard before, find surprising or help solve our problems. So before drafting your press release, it's worth asking yourself these questions: Is there anything "new" in my story?

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Is there anything unusual or unexpected about it? Would this be of interest to anyone outside my business? Will anyone actually care? The last one sounds harsh, but is probably the most important: If the answer is "no", hold off on that press release until you've got a better story.

If you're not sure whether your story is newsworthy, read, watch or listen to the publications or programmes you'd like coverage in to get a feel for the kind of stories they typically cover.

Write killer headlines Most journalists get hundreds of emails every day, so it's a good idea to label emails containing press releases with the phrase "press release" or "story idea".

How to Launch a New Product

A great subject line is also a must. But don't try to be clever: If they don't immediately understand what your story is about, they'll move on to the next thing in their inbox.

So if your story is about the the launch of the first financial planning consultancy for women, say exactly that.

write a press release for new product launch strategy

Get your top line in the first line of your press release Getting a journalist to open your email is important, but if your first sentence doesn't grab them, they may not read any further — which is why you need to get the "top line" the most important bit of your story right at the beginning of your release.

Your first line should be a summary of the story in no more than around words and read like the opening of a news story. Journalists are generally taught to get as many of the "five Ws" who, what, where, why and when in the opening line of news stories, so if you want examples of great first lines for press releases, look no further than your daily newspaper.

Another trick is to imagine your story is going to be covered on a TV or radio programme.

write a press release for new product launch strategy

A presenter generally has around seconds to introduce each item eg "And coming up next Asking yourself that question should give you the top line of your story.

Be concise The ideal length of a press release is about an A4 side or about to words the length of a short news item. That's just three or four short paragraphs and a couple of of quotes. If yours is longer than that, you've probably got unnecessary waffle that doesn't add anything to your story.

Don't be tempted to include background information about your company in the opening paragraph. This — along with any other additional information — can always be included in a "notes to editors" section at the end it's fine to run over to a second page for this.How to Write a Great Press Release.

"Press releases are, such as the launch of a new product or the opening of a new location," said Cara Downs. Writing a new product announcement is not as easy as it seems.


Simply describing your product on paper and mailing it out won't get the job done if you don't include the right elements. Nov 13,  · Press releases are an essential element of any public relations strategy. These short, compelling documents detail product releases, event announcements and other newsworthy items a company produces.

Aug 18,  · The Ultimate List Of Free Press Release Sites. Updated: February 14, New Product/Service Launch. If we’ve created or updated a page on the client website to emphasize a new product or service, How To Write A Press Release. A complete guide to writing an effective press release; A complete guide to writing an effective press release.

SHARE. TWEET. Before you write and issue a press release, If a business launches a new product, there might be mileage in targeting any, or all, of the following. Oct 02,  · press release - cboe introduces 10 options-based strategy performance benchmark indexes (july 29, ) Press Release - Cboe to Develop Hedge Fund Benchmarks with Eurekahedge (May 20, ) Press Release - New White Paper on Fund use of Options in Portfolio Management Released (Jan 13, ).

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