Top 5 environmental issues

We have also accompanied each of the environmental issues with a video that explains the matter in depth. You can view the clip by pressing the play button on the image. Without a doubt the biggest issue facing the environment is over population of humans.

Top 5 environmental issues

Image via Shutterstock Like too many fruit flies in a bottle, there are now so many humans on this finite planet that we are changing our environment to be less favorable for a comfortable and enduring future. And, although we try not to alarm folks, any ecologist worth his salt knows that at some point density-dependent mortality factors eventually kick-in that keep populations from overshooting their environmental, or planetary, carrying-capacity.

While there is much Earth-angst and hand-wringing over a long list of environmental issues, five green issues really and truly deserve serious attention and action by our species if we are to dodge excessive loss and adversity. Each species lost is a storehouse of environmental knowledge selected for over millions of years.

The exploding sciences of biomimicrybioengineering, and genetic manipulation highlight the enormous potential a single species may have in helping humanity create a healthier, more sustainable interaction with our environment through improvements to medicines, food production, nutrition, technologies, and resilient ecosystems.

A conservative estimate is that well over a hundred species a day are going extinctwith the rate of disappearing species accelerating as natural habitats shrink, fragment, and degrade and commercial exploitation of vulnerable species escalates.

Top 5 environmental issues

The loss of species is irreversible and the loss of old-growth natural habitats irretrievable within centuries. The fewer the species remaining on this planet, the more tenuous our own existence. What can we do? A good start is to fully shut down the international trade in wildlife, protect all remaining natural habitats, from rainforests to untrawled seafloors, and begin to restore watersheds by removing dams and protecting headwater and riverbank vegetation.

The US and China recently agreed to work to diminish the production and use of these compounds, which is a great step forward in wise biosphere stewardship. Image via Shutterstock Changing Climates Humanity has released sufficient quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere over the last century that we are now starting to feel the effects of an inevitably warmer world.

Major environmental crimes What Will Scientists Discover Next?

Pronounced droughts, floods, wildfires, and storms are expected more frequently, rising seas will inundate coastlines, and climate patterns will be reconfigured around the planet. Agricultural zones will shift and water may become scarce in many areas prompting mass migrations, great social upheaval, collapsing economies, and wars.

Humanity is already committed to a great deal of change in our global climate, but reducing greenhouse gas production and creating more efficient technologies and production systems now will benefit future generations and help us back away from thresholds of irreversibly harsh conditions.

Top 5 environmental issues

We can help other species adapt locally to changing climates by protecting blocks of natural habitat that extend up mountains and pockets of habitat that will retain cooler and moister conditions, such as shady slopes and riverside habitats.

Dangerous radioactive materials last for millennia and warrant great wisdom in their production, use, storage, and disposal. All nuclear reactors should immediately be retrofitted with safer fuel pellets and gravity-fed cooling systems. Similarly, the heavy use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other toxins will continue to have highly deleterious effects on the health and well-being of people and ecosystems.

What can one do? Coral reefs are degrading almost everywhere they occur due to warming and acidifying caused by more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere seas, overfishing, and sediment- and toxin-laden runoff from the land.

And the tons and tons of discarded plastic that ends up in the ocean kills and sickens marine life up and down the food chain. As this plastic breaks down the resulting micropellets will continue to cause lasting harm in ecosystems.

What can be done? Humanity needs an international effort to regulate and enforce sustainable fisheries, as well as a system of coastal and offshore marine protected areas that protect at least a quarter of the ocean.Know the top 5!

Environmental crime is now becoming a serious problem worldwide in different forms, with some of them being among the most profitable criminal activities in the world.

The most common crimes against the environment are connected with the unlawful exploitation of wild fauna and flora, pollution, waste disposal and its trade.

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It is very difficult to prioritise the top 10 environmental issues facing our planet today. One thing is for sure and that is over population is at the root of all of the issues.

If we do not act soon to start to curb human breeding patterns We will almost certainly face an environmental meltdown. The Top 5 Environmental Issues of Johns Hopkins University’s Director for Environmental Programs pairs each issue with a film selection from our 24th Annual Festival.

Antoinette WinklerPrins, Director for Environmental Programs, Johns Hopkins University, Advanced Academic Programs, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences shares her take on. Although the top 10 environmental issues that face the planet can be at best “subjective” we have attempted to aggregate and prioritise the list in order to put things into perspective.

top five green environmental issues for humanity to be addressing The Top 5 Environmental Issues Humanity Should Be Thinking About in Environment. Apr 27,  · Best Answer: I believe the top 5 environmental issues facing this world today are (in no particular order) Climate change, depletion of water, the improper use and distribution of natural resources(ie.

oil), the growing population which will strain world Status: Resolved.

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