Swatch case anaysis

The ocean is not a still body of water.

Swatch case anaysis

To zoom-in on a particular region Swatch case anaysis the map 30, the user can click on the zoom-in button 34 and then use the mouse to draw a box around the map region of interest; Astra will then re-size the highlighted region to generally fit the display screen.

As will be recognized by those skilled in the art, the ability to zoom in and out between high level, perspective views which reveal the overall architecture of the site, and magnified zoomed-in sub-views which reveal URL-specific information about the Web site, greatly facilitates the task of navigating and monitoring Web site content.

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As generally illustrated by FIG. As further illustrated by FIG. While navigating the map, the user can retrieve a URL content object from the server by double-clicking on the corresponding URL icon; this causes Astra to launch the client computer's default Web browser if not already runningwhich in-turn retrieves the URL from the Web server.

For example, the user can double-click on the URL icon for an HTML document using the left mouse button to retrieve and view the corresponding Web page. With reference to FIG.

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As illustrated by FIG. This initiates a re-scanning process in which Astra scans the URLs of the Web site and updates the map data structure to reflect the current architecture of the site.

As part of this process, Astra implements a caching protocol which eliminates the need to download URLs and URL headers that have not been modified since the most recent mapping.

This feature is particularly useful for Webmasters of complex Web sites that have rapidly changing content.

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As illustrated by the collection of nodes shown in FIG. One benefit of this layout pattern is that it allows collections of related nodes to be grouped together on the screen in relatively close proximity to one another, making it easy for the user identify the parent-child relationships of the nodes.

As a result, all of the children 48 are positioned approximately equidistant from the parent 44, and are spaced apart from one another by substantially equal angular increments. Similar graphical representations to that of FIG.

As illustrated by these three clusters in FIG.

Swatch case anaysis

Thus, for example, cluster 56 has a larger diameter and a larger parent icon than clusters 52 and This has the desirable effect of emphasizing the pages of the Web site that have the largest numbers of outgoing links.

As best illustrated by cluster 64 in FIG. For example, node 66 which has 3 children is positioned farther from the cluster's root node 65 than leaf nodes 70; and the parent of cluster 60 is positioned farther from the root node 65 than node As illustrated in FIG.

This is illustrated, for example, by cluster 54 in FIG. This aspect of the layout arrangement tends to facilitate visualization by the user of the overall architecture of the site.Watch video · Unfortunately, this is the case in Focus, a disjointed, needlessly convoluted misfire from directors Glenn Ficarra and John Request and a talented cast that includes Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

Focus starts relatively well, displaying many cool scenes of pickpocketing as Smith tries to lure Robbie into the business. This case study has been reprinted: ICFAI Journal of Brand Management, Vol.2(2), pp, June An updated version of this case, under the same title, is available from the European Case Clearing House, Case , SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, 4P marketing mix, company analysis and competitor analysis.

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Q1: Why was the Swatch so successful? In Nicolas Hayek's own words, the Swatch brand strives to convey a "strong, exciting, distinct and authentic message" to the people.

Jan 16,  · hotel monaco situation anaysis Situational Analysis This is a situational analysis conducted on the Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia. This was a project assigned by my marketing professor and was a very detailed and thorough assignment. Swatch is one of the most successful brands of the Swatch Group.

Its first line of plastic quartz analog line was launched in , and went to become a global phenomenon.

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