Street light charging

Sometimes, without realizing it, the solution to a problem can literally be right in front of you. Carmakers are working to increase the number of public electric-car charging stations, but there's already plenty of existing electricity infrastructure. The company has built two of the "Light and Charge" street-light charging stations so far, according to Reuters, and plans to use them in a pilot program in its hometown. They aren't free to use, but drivers can pay through a mobile-phone app--perhaps a version of the ChargeNow interface BMW already offers with its electric cars.

Street light charging

Chips by Infineon control these applications. Despite its extensive range of features, the main task of the smart lantern remains the street lighting.

Contrary to wide-spread road lanterns, the smart street light does not rely on conventional sodium vapor lamps, but on light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

Street light charging

First, LEDs consume less electricity. Second, they last up to six times longer than sodium vapor lamps, which means less waste; they also save electricity. This allows municipalities to cut three-quarters of their costs for street lighting directly.

The smart street lantern takes it even one step further and adapts the lighting to its surrounding conditions within a radius of up to meters in order to throttle energy consumption.

How does radar work? Radar is an object detection system that uses microwaves in order to determine the range, angle, and speed of objects. The radar system generates electromagnetic waves that are emitted by one antenna and received by another.

Together, the radar chip and the light controller enable the streetlight to selectively illuminate based on whether an object is detected in the vicinity of the streetlight. Also, the chips are capable of adapting the light to the prevailing weather conditions.

During snow or rain fall, the LEDs light up significantly brighter than during dusk. Charging station for electric cars An additional feature of the smart street lantern is the charging module for vehicles equipped with an electric engine.

Experts envisage a continuous rise since the federal government announced subsidizing the purchase of electric cars as of July The integrated charging module, developed by BWM and eluminocity, allows charging electric vehicles Image source: To the date, there is a lack of a large-scale charging station network.

Between andthe ratio of two cars per charging station has risen to seven vehicles. The VDA assumes that in the future there will be a ratio of ten electric cars per charging station. In order to cover the demand for charging stations and to balance the ratio, both the National Platform for Electric Mobility and a federal government advisory board are planning to erect overadditional charging stations in urban areas by The charging process is rather easy: For this purpose, he must identify himself by scanning a printed QR code on the charging station.

Then, the protective cover of the socket opens and the driver can insert a charging cable in order to recharge the battery of his vehicle.

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Taking a deep breath Energy consumption and emission lies mainly within cities Image source: Until electrically powered vehicles have completely replaced cars with combustion engine, it is necessary to measure the emission of pollutants in order to take appropriate measures, such as speed limits, if the values are too high.

The intelligent street light measures air quality at various locations and relay these to the authority in charge via Internet. If emission values exceed the permissible limit, the lantern alerts local governments, which then can respond accordingly.

Complex measurements, combined with high administrative costs, could thus soon be a thing of the past. Car drivers can also take a deep breath when looking for parking, a situation that can lead to stress moments due to the increasing number of vehicles coupled with the growing lack of space.

This saves energy resources, time, and nerves. State-of-the-art security for data streams On the Internet of Things IoTvarious individual devices exchange data streams, which contain sensitive information.

This includes energy, traffic, personal or business data.

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The built-in Intel modem provides the necessary infrastructure for the data exchange with the Cloud. This hardware-based security solution is optimized for IoT devices and enables greater security compared to purely software-based systems. Together with Infineon and Intel, eluminocity has transformed the principle of a simple street lantern into a versatile node.

As a backbone of smart cities, the intelligent street light provides urban areas with a wide range of functions, such as flexible street lighting, a network of charging stations for electric cars, and air quality measurement sensors.This design is a 12A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller with a mA LED driver.

Street lights with charging points

It is targeted for low power solar charger and LED driver solutions such as solar street lights. This design is capable of charging 12V batteries with up to 10A output current from 12V panels.


Street light charging

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Utilising existing street lighting assets to provide low power residential smart charging is a key component of any council’s residential on-street EV charging solution.

Turning an existing street light into a charge point can be done in an hour or even  · “Light & Charge” combines the most advanced LED technology for street lighting with a cashless option for connecting up to charging high-voltage batteries used in electric  · The Soluxio solar light post is a stand-alone, modular, autonomous, off-grid and smart city ready solar powered street light pole.

The Soluxio lighting column is cost-efficient, sustainable and perfect for areas where no power grid is

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