Role of education in shaping personality

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Role of education in shaping personality

Personality and Personality Development - An Overview Personality and Personality Development - An Overview Every individual has his own characteristic way of behaving, responding to emotions, perceiving things and looking at the world. No two individuals are similar.

It is really not necessary that if you like partying around, your friend will also like the same. Here comes the role of personality. How an individual behaves depends on his family background, upbringing, social status and so on. An individual with a troubled childhood would not open up easily.

Some kind of fear would always be there within him. An individual who never had any major problems in life would be an extrovert and would never have issues interacting and socializing with others. It is quite possible that as a child, he was not allowed to go out of his home, play and freak out with friends.

These individuals start believing that their home is their only world and they are not safe outside.

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Such a mindset soon becomes their personality. Personality also influences what we think, our beliefs, values and expectations.

What we think about others depends on our personality. Personality is how we interact with others. Personality is a sum of characteristics of an individual which makes him different from the others.

It is our personality which makes us unique and helps us stand apart from the crowd. Heredity - Heredity refers to factors that are determined once an individual is born.

The varied cultures in which we are brought up and our family backgrounds have a crucial role in shaping our personalities. An individual would behave in a different way when he has enough savings with him and his behavior would automatically change when he is bankrupt.

What is Personality Development? Personality development helps an individual to gain confidence and high self esteem. Individuals tend to develop a positive attitude as a result of personality development.Homepage: HOLISTIC EDUCATION: A NEW PARADIGM FOR TEACHING.

Aim of Education: Personality Integration, Creative Intelligence and Enlightenment or 'Happiness'. Amatora, Mary // Education;Dec, Vol. 77 Issue 4, p This article presents a study on the individual differences in personality of students. Of fundamental importance in guiding the personality development of the child is the fact that no two children are exactly alike.

Trait theories of personality have long attempted to pin down exactly how many personality traits exist. Earlier theories have suggested a various number of possible traits, including Gordon Allport's list of 4, personality traits, Raymond Cattell's 16 personality factors, and .

Role of education in shaping personality

Demands for better public education were many. Employers wanted a better educated workforce, at least for the technical jobs. Classical liberals believed that public education . Jan 20,  · It was an ugly week in the world of sports.

Lance Armstrong, the all-American cancer survivor who set the record in cycling for most Tour De France . This paper discusses the attachment theory that was developed by Harlow, Bowlby and Ainsworth, which states that attachment is a key aspect to determining personality and behavior throughout an .

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