Randstad business plan

This plan has been developed exclusively for Randstad Canada. You are eligible if you are: You and your spouse, if applying, must complete a questionnaire outlining your medical history, which will be assessed by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada to determine if coverage may be issued. The first time you apply for coverage for your dependent child renproof of good health will be required for your dependent child ren.

Randstad business plan

A business development job interview can be viewed as just another sales call, except this time, candidates have to sell themselves. Turning up on time, dressing smartly, and making a good first impression - with a firm hand shake and eye contact - will be a good start. Being careful to sell skills and experience effectively and confidently is, of course, important - but care also needs to be taken to avoid straying into arrogance when doing so.

Employers will be looking for a people person, who has superb communication skills, and the ability to establish rapport quickly with anyone. They will also be looking for evidence of an ability to perform under pressure and work well in a team environment to complete goals.

Our recruiters in the sales, marketing and customer services sectors outline their top interview prep tip in the video below: Information for business development candidates Those working in business development roles will be responsible for creating and acting on a funnel of high quality prospects, and maybe also for analysing and planning whether the business should enter into new markets.

If so, they will need to have planning, analytical and project management skills to create and implement new strategies, and then break down whether the efforts are successful or not.

Candidates in these roles will usually communicate and sell to clients directly, so will also need the sales skills required to turn prospects into customers and clients, in both face-to-face and over the phone situations.

randstad business plan

They will also need to be comfortable pitching and presenting to clients on a regular basis. Being too slick can make others feel uncomfortable. A selection of common interview questions business development candidates face is listed below. Business development interview questions Most interview questions can be broken down into a variety of experience, preference, and general questions.

Experience-based questions Give an example of a time when you had to sell an unpopular idea to someone? If you have an example from work experience this is ideal, however, do not be concerned if you do not.

You could give an example from your private life, such as persuading a friend or family member to get involved with something they were not really interested in. Good sales skills are transferable to life. How do you go about selling unpopular ideas to people?

randstad business plan

Say that you focus on the positive aspects of the idea and explain why it will eventually benefit everybody. Ideas may be unpopular but their outcomes are often welcomed once people understand better what is being proposed.

How would you identify a new market to enter? Analysis of sales data should help to identify possible new markets. This would be followed up with some market research. If you have a proven track record in sales, say so and give some examples.

Why do you enjoy business development? Say that you feel that business development is the heart of a healthy business and it is extremely rewarding to see a business grow on the back of your decisions and actions. What motivates you in your work? Hitting targets and achieving goals is your main motivation.

Say that you are motivated by the desire to do a great job and to help improve business. Say that you enjoy working in a team environment. Describe the environment in such a way as it sounds similar to the work environment you believe the company has adopted.

Say that you listen to their needs and then propose a solution that will meet a majority of their needs. If there are any gaps in the product offering, explain that workarounds can be developed to ensure that business runs smoothly.

Preference-based questions What attracted you to this role? To answer this you need to show a good understanding of the company and say that you are keen to be part of a dynamic team to help the company grow and develop.

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The aim of business development is to develop growth opportunities, so you must show a keen interest in working with their products and services. Teamwork is central to most roles today; few people work in isolation. Answer that you like seeing how a group of people with a wide skill set can work together to achieve results not possible by any individual.

For the least enjoyable part of teamwork, try to keep it positive by saying that you sometimes prefer to concentrate on more complex problems in a quiet environment so there are times when the team environment can be a little distracting. What do you think makes a good salesperson?

A good sales person needs to be friendly and professional, to be a good listener and an excellent speaker.Manager – Project & Business Planning - Selangor - about the clientOur client is one of the largest manufacturer of rubber products globally with their.

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