Porter s 5 forces on the body shop

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Porter s 5 forces on the body shop

However, this rifle finally met my goal of being able to shoot squirrels in the head at 50 yards, one shot one kill, but some of the factory hollow point ammunition did not group well in this gun and decided to modify some existing solid nose ammunition that shot real well like the Wolf Match Target 40 grain.

A few squirrels managed to survive a head shot with the round nose bullets and knew I needed a hollow point round to get the job done serious trauma as quick and humane as possible. Since I am shooting suppressed, subsonic ammunition is definitely a requirement and finding excellent grouping subsonic ammunition for this Savage Mark II has been a problem and so far, the Eley Subsonic 40 grain hollow point rated at feet per second leads the pack for accuracy which should not be a surprise.

However, recently I have been getting misfires even with good heavy firing pin strikes on the bullet case. I got him a money order in the mail on and received the die on and got a chance to use it this afternoon.

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Below pix of the die set with a single page instruction sheet and a small picture of Porter s 5 forces on the body shop die, target fired and pix of the reshaped bullets: I knocked the dust off my ole antiquated RCBS A4 Big Max reloading press and set it up on my work table in my woodworking shop in the basement.

I installed the die set and adjusted the die about. I decided to form Eley EPS points on the Wolf Match Target 40 grain long rifle solid nose bullets and pix below of the die set before assembled into the reloading press: There is excellent craftsmanship on this tool and the parts that do the forming and inner wall of the die has a smooth finish.

Neal Waltz is a retired tool and die maker and you will certainly be impressed with the quality of his work. Once the die is inserted in your loading press, a round is placed in the. The knurled collar is adjusted against the die and tightened.

You then, lower the press ram and while holding the stem of the upper portion of the die, you screw the knurled collar of the upper portion of the die collar counter clockwise while holding the stem and turn the stem of the upper portion of the die at least half a turn clockwise which lowers the upper portion of the die and then tighten the knurled locking collar against the die and move the bullet up into the die.

It should be between. Also, the bullet driving band diameter of your bullet will now be resized to around.

The Wolf Match Target bullet driving band was. Pix below of the resized bullet: If you desire to form hollow point bullets, the configuration of the die set is below: The nose forming tool will allow you to make a very large hollow point bullet up to.

I checked some Winchester subsonic 40 grain hollow point bullets and their bullet driving band diameter was between. Below is a pix of the formed aka resized bullets: I have read and heard all kind of positive and negative comments about resizing.

Most posting such negative opinions are experts at giving out information without having tried what they are preaching to others.

Since you are forming the soft lead bullet nose by compression, the metal is displaced against the side walls of the lower die set and with the bullet well crimped into the case, the lead material is easier to form against the walls of the lower die rather than force the lead bullet deeper into the case.

My goal is to produce hollow point bullets from solid nose ammunition that groups well in my rifle. If Wolf Match Target was available with a hollow point bullet, I probably would not be using any kind of.

Money is not the primary issue here since I could just have easily purchased a brick or more of Eley Subsonic 40 grain hollow point bullets less than the cost of the die that groups well enough to harvest a squirrel at 50 yards in my hunk of junk Savage Mark II BTVLSS gun and that would be enough ammunition to harvest a truck load of squirrels.

Life without personal enjoyment would be mighty dull in my humble opinion, especially looking at everything in terms of dollars and cents. Tomorrow, I will set up my chronograph and do some ammo testing at 52 yards. I use a 52 yard backstop since I had to put it there to not interfere with where I broadcast corn for the deer for a couple decades or more and certainly do enjoy the taste of venison well prepared.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on I set up the Shooting Chrony F1 and recorded most of the rounds fired after firing 15 rounds of Wolf Target Match as fouling rounds. Also, I had earlier removed the barrel pressure pad and barrel tuner bushing and later put them back on to see what would happen which didn't start off a good reliable test since my rifle was shooting excellent as it was but we do things like that sometimes.

I certainly did not practice what I preach; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" Below is the target fired and according to the chronograph, muzzle report and impact on the target, there was a humongous difference in the muzzle velocity of the various rounds fired which was very extreme before any bullet modification was conducted.

Haagens, Mabel Hatt

The early morning temperature was 47 degrees F and a good amount of humidity with some wind, so the weather conditions were not ideal to say the least. As evidenced by the target below, the first three 5 round fouling test groups fired with the Wolf Match Target was strung out vertical without the pressure pad and the barrel tuner bushing near the barrel suppressor and I knew this wasn't going to be a good day from the get go.Your source for local news, sports, high school sports and weather in and around Jefferson City, Columbia, Fulton and the Lake of the Ozarks.

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Porter s 5 forces on the body shop

NEAL WALTZ DIE REVIEW. The past couple years, I have been trying to squeeze all the accuracy out of a Savage Mark II BTVLSS caliber long rifle that I could which has been a tough one since that particular rifle is probably the worst new gun right out of the box that I have owned as far as initial accuracy.

However, this rifle finally met my goal of being able to shoot squirrels in the head. We are continually striving to produce and procure the most authentic, detailed and high quality products available for sale.

With original and reproduction products from WW1 and WW2, including German, American, British, Canadian and other allied countries. PESTEL Framework and Porter's Five Forces Model.


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