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The role of exudate in the healing process: Quay Books, [19]. Successful management requires careful attention and continuous evaluation throughout the lifetime of a wound [14]. For example, in the case of a leg ulcer, pressure ulcer or diabetic foot ulcer, exudate levels in the non-infected wound are generally higher in the early stages of healing and reduce as healing progresses.

Dressing selection should therefore be tailored to the condition of the wound. This might necessitate the use of an absorbent moist dressing initially, changing to a moist dressing suitable for low exudate levels at a later stage.

In wounds that become infected, exudate levels often increase and exudate can become viscous. The focus here should be on managing the underlying cause of infection. Cavity wounds and other wounds left to heal by secondary intention that are producing high levels of exudate may be suitable for treatment with topical negative pressure.

Methods used to manage exudate Dressings If dressings are indicated, then prudent selection and careful determination of wear time are imperative. This will help ensure an optimal moist environment is maintained, while protecting the surrounding skin from maceration [23] [24].

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Certain key performance characteristics are required for any Mgt 314 dressing: Wound dressings exhibit various fluid-handling mechanisms: There are standard test methods, published as monographs in various pharmacopoeias and in peer-reviewed journals that provide independent, objective data on dressing fluid handling [25].

The basic dressing mechanisms are as follows: Absorption Exudate is absorbed into the dressing matrix. In the case of some foam dressings, this is a reversible mechanism; the fluid can be expressed from the dressing under pressure. Not all foams behave in this fashion.

Gelling Following absorption, the exudate interacts with the dressing material to form a gel [26].

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This is a typical attribute of alginates: However, with alginate gels, fluid may come into contact with the peri-wound skin [27].

This can also occur with hydrocolloid gel, the degree being dependent on polymer composition [28]. Fluid retention In dressings with this mechanism, fluid is absorbed by the dressing and is no longer available to wet the surronding skin.

Such dressings have been demonstrated to be clinically effective and cost-effective in exudate management, even when used under compression [29] [30]. Here, some fluid is lost to the atmosphere by evaporation, a process known as moisture vapour transmission.

Modern exudate management: a review of wound treatments

This mechanism is intended to increase the fluid-handling capacity of the dressing [31] [32]. The success of this process depends upon the proportion of absorbed fluid that is lost. Evaporation will be compromised by the presence of occluding materials, such as compression bandages, which may reduce evaporation rates.

There are no clinical data to suggest that this works in practice.

Mgt 314

Indeed, some clinicians are sceptical that it has any performance-enhancing value [33]. Antimicrobial properties Dressings with an antimicrobial component are intended for the control of the wound bioburden in critical colonisation and local infection [34].

These dressings are useful, therefore, where raised exudate levels are attributed to bacterial causes. There is also justification for their use in cases of spreading infection where systemic antibiotics have been used and impaired perfusion is suspected [35] [36]. Typical antimicrobial dressings are those containing silver, iodine or honey [12] [35] [37].

Physical therapies Topical negative pressure therapy Suction drainage of wounds has been used for many years [38]and a variety of systems exist, [39] [40] [41] [42]. The removal of exudate, particularly the more viscous forms, also removes bacteria and protease enzymes — both barriers to healing.

This technique should, however, not be used on wounds containing eschar or necrotic tissue.Element National Management was founded in by L.V. Lavalli and partnered with Star Real Estate Ventures/El-Ad National to exclusively service their growing portfolio of properties.. Element is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and operates regional .

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