Danny vinyard essay

But how do you feel right now? How do you think I feel?

Danny vinyard essay

Shortly after, I viewed the film American History X, with no intention of writing yet another detailed description and analysis, but I could not resist.

Danny vinyard essay

I was prompted to write by the similarities that I noticed between the two films. White "bigotry," either in a current or historical context, is a favourite Hollywood theme. The films they churn out frequently portray society as "dominated" by a cruel caste of Whites who are grotesquely unfair towards minorities.

These "victimized" minorities are presented as tolerant, open, understanding, calm, gentle and virtuous. In contrast, Whites are portrayed as brutally insensitive, oppressive, intolerant, hateful, violent, greedy, narrow-minded and destructive.

These films show how the mean spiritedness of White Gentiles deeply hurts angelic minorities, who are at a loss to understand such raw hatred.

Frequently, they feature a benevolent minority with tremendous patience and moral conviction who seeks to exorcise the poisonous racism demonstrated by the White characters the very preachy Guess Who's Coming to Dinner starring Sydney Poitier is a shining example.

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The hypocrisy of reinforcing such crude racial stereotypes, when the prime message of these preachy films is that stereotypes should be eliminated, is seemingly lost on those who make them.

A key element of this film genre is that the White Majority cannot be trusted. Those who make such films seek to demonstrate that although Whites on the surface might appear civilized, there is a latent racial barbarism that can be aroused through manipulation. The message is that any White person, no matter how normal, can quickly cross the line from being civil into being consumed by racial fanaticism, violence and hatred.

The thieves, members of the Crip gang, are trying to break into Derek's truck. Danny awakens and notifies his brother who is in the midst of having sex with his girlfriend.

Derek gets out of bed and exposes a beautifully-built physique which supports a large swastika tattoo on left side of his chest. He pulls out a gun and goes outside on a shooting rampage against the thieves. It is difficult not to be reminded of a dramatic shooting scene early in the film Dirty Harry, where Clint Eastwood exits a diner to bust up a robbery in progress.

Interestingly, the victims are also Black.

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The two are in Principal Sweeney's office discussing an essay Danny has written that refers to Adolph Hitler a "great civil rights leader.

The Principal, sounding very much like a Preacher, responds to the teacher: He learned this nonsense somewhere Murray and he can unlearn it too. I will not give up on this child yet!We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

American History X Analysis Jeffrey Golden Eastern Nazarene College “American History X” is a movie that depicts the life of a young white supremacist named Derek Vinyard and his younger brother Danny.

Derek and Danny Vinyard Essay Derek and Danny Vinyard, brothers,looked up to the wrong people.

Danny vinyard essay

A very right-winged man managed to twist their thoughts and did the same thing to them that Hitler did to the masses.

By far, American History X is not the first movie to deal with racism. Through artful cinematography, extraordinary relevance, and poignant acting, however, its characters tell the story of not only the consequences of racism, but also its beginnings.

American History X is no doubt the most successful attempt in cinema to counter racism, condemn neo-Nazism and bring forward themes of equality and justice. However, while offering this valuable American History lesson on screen, a number of racist crimes are committed, a series of racist remarks are made and plenty of disturbing narrow-mindedness becomes evident.

High school student Danny Vinyard receives an assignment from his history teacher Mr. Murray to write a paper on "any book which relates to the struggle for human rights." Knowing Murray is Jewish, Danny writes his paper on Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf.

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