Advantages of containerisation

Drum container Metal drums are stowed on end with dunnage between tiers, in the longitudinal space of the ship [6] Paper reels[ edit ] Reels or rolls are generally stowed on their sides and care is taken to make sure they are not crushed. A great deal of care is taken to make sure they do not get damaged. Girder and Structural steel Any long heavy items are stowed fore and aft. If they are stowed athwart ships they are liable to shift if the ship rolls heavily and pierce the side of the ship.

Advantages of containerisation

The sleeping maritime giant of the Eastern Cape is waking from a 50 year slumber, and the province has the potential to unleash its economic power, working towards becoming the maritime giant it once was, by leveraging off its ports as drivers of economic growth.

With three active ports in the province, the Eastern Cape is sitting on a goldmine of maritime resources and potential.

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Nationally there is a tension between being competitive and complementary and ports often assume specific roles based on locational advantages. It also doubles as a sustainable cruise liner terminal.

Advantages of containerisation

Cape Town acts as a Advantages of containerisation port and cruise liner terminal and Mossel Bay serves Mossgas. With such a diverse South African offering, the Eastern Cape ports have both an expanded and niche role to play.

The CDC, which manages the Coega Industrial Development Zone IDZnotes that each of the provincial ports has a predefined role with the responsibility of serving hinterlands and connecting South Africa regionally to the global economy. The Port of Ngqura is a strategic transhipment hub for containers, but is now gearing up to export an initial amount of 16 million tons of manganese per annum in and will later ramp this figure up based on demand.

Mercedes Benz and VWSA would pull out of the cities they are based in if the ports were downgraded or closed, showing the strong linkages between economic development and access to ports. Nelson Mandela Bay uniquely has two ports. Moves towards greater integration by sea — a possible item of discussion this week — will mean alleviation of heavy duty trucks on our roads and greater free movement of traffic, Vilakazi added.

Most investors interested in the IDZ are interested because of the close proximity of the new deep water port. Likewise, all the coming investments, Project Mthombo, the Ferro-manganese smelter and others, would not have been a reality had there not been the vision and will to build another provincial port which has the capacity to handle big projects.

Thyspunt, near Oyster Bay, is the preferred site for Nuclear 1. There are also indications pointing to a ship repair yard, and even a ship building facility with other support services available.


Other growth areas include a home-grown merchant marine, say local industry experts.Come along to the last Newcastle Institute event for on Wed 7th November at pm.

Our speaker is Michael Ondaatje. Michael Ondaatje has been a popular speaker at . Mining. Quicker than conventional services, our alternative building technologies are implemented as prefabricated, pre-assembled buildings to site offices, site ablutions, camps for remote sites, pioneer camps and drilling camps throughout the .


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Ocean freight shipping is the best option for bulk goods transportation, sometimes it’s the only option. When importing from China, you can choose FCL, or LCL if your overall cargo volume does not meet one full container requirements. Introduction. If climate change is the key process in the natural world impacting on sustainable development, then globalisation is the parallel process in the human world, creating both opportunities for, and barriers to, sustainable development.

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GCSE Industry Glossary. [email protected]: a high-tech zone located on a brownfield site in Barcelona. Agglomeration: a group of industries in the same location..

Agglomeration Economies: savings which arise from the concentration of industries in urban areas and their location close to linked activities. e.g.A car factory attracts component suppliers to locate close by, saving on transport costs.

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