A review of twister a film about a tornado

By jeff November 19, 0 The sound of tornado sirens would scare most people but storm chasers get inspired by them. Circles watched two movies about storm chasers that turn the science of tracking tornados into gripping movies. Into the Storm and Twister show how tornado tracking technology has improved over the years.

A review of twister a film about a tornado

One of the first DVDs released and in terms of sound, one of the very best dvds ever. Jan De Bont's "Twister" may not be heavy on plot or contain the most wonderful dialogue ever heard, but I think that it certainly does the job providing some serious thrills.

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton play a former couple, both storm chasers, that find themselves reunited when a serious line of storms make themselves known. Soon, the two as well as their crew are chasing a line of deadly tornados. The two have come up with "Dorothy", a weather machine that, if sucked up by a tornado, will take accurate measurements and allow them to study the twister.

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Unfortunately, a competitor Cary Elwes is also racing to try an experimental machine of his own. The film may lack much in the way of plot, but there are plot points that certainly could be thrown out of the film completely.

Paxton's character is about to be married when the film opens to a rather annoying character played by Jamie Gertz. The character is total excess in a film like this.

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We want to see more in the way of twisters, not totally unnecessary romatic subplots that don't work. For every full-force scene where the twisters are coming after the duo, there are a few scenes that make for wonderfully effective chills: Green "Speed 2" capturing Hunt and Paxton frozen in place as a twister comes out of the darkness to attack a drive-in movie theater as well as a few other scenes that are quite good.

Performances by Paxton and especially Hunt are quite enjoyable in a movie that certainly may not provide much in the way of plot, but certainly succeeds in thrills.Delusional and spoiled Maureen and her eccentric brother Howdy decide to track down and meet their estranged mother, all while the drama of dysfunctional relationships, disastrous weather conditions and a dark family secret ensue.

Read the Empire review of Twister. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. you need to know about the film from the world's biggest.

Twister, no not that Twister, chronicles the misadventures of an eccentric family caught in their midwest mansion during a tornado outbreak. Twister () Review.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi. "Twister" is a good movie about Torando Hunter and wh they do. "Twister" does to Torandoes what "Jurassic Park" did to dinosaurs. Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton are torando hunters who go across the mid-west chasing torandos and sometimes they chase them.

The height of tornado season, in which two-thirds of tornadoes occur, runs from April through June.

A review of twister a film about a tornado

It's only half over. If there is one thing the tornado chasers liked about "Twister," it's that the movie also depicts the fierce force of the winds, obliterating barns, houses, even causing several deaths. Aug 01,  · Twister The Movie Museum: TWISTER - See 19 traveler reviews, 15 candid photos, and great deals for Wakita, OK, at TripAdvisor.

Wakita. Wakita Tourism but most of them are just empty lots where they destroyed something in the movie. My son loves tornadoes and Twister, so he thought it was very cool.

A review of twister a film about a tornado

It is out of the way, but if 19 TripAdvisor reviews.

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