A comparison of the myth pygmalion by ovid and the play pygmalion by bernard shaw

In the process of transforming a poor, uneducated girl into a lady, Higgins irrevocably changes a human life. By lifting Eliza above her own class and providing her with no more than the appurtenances of another, Higgins makes her unfit for both.

A comparison of the myth pygmalion by ovid and the play pygmalion by bernard shaw

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By contrast, Shaw was adamant that Higgins and Eliza must never marry. By the end of the play, Eliza has become an independent woman, well up to defending her independence in a battle of words with Higgins.

Furthermore, she has come to recognise that, unlike Pygmalion, Higgins is not a life-giver. He is mother-fixated, imprisoned by his science of phonetics, and has given Eliza a freedom greater than he himself possesses.

A comparison of the myth pygmalion by ovid and the play pygmalion by bernard shaw

There is no chance then of a romantic future for Higgins and Eliza. A hundred years on from that first production, the ending of Pygmalion continues to be a sticking point.

And it may help to explain the conundrum of why the play, for all its enduring fame and popularity, remains relatively underperformed today. Shaw struggled, better late than never, to remove all evidence of that ambiguity in a sequence of revised endings for the play which give Pygmalion its peculiarly complicated textual history.

Coincidentally,in addition to being the centenary year of Pygmalion also marks a half-century since the release of the film version of the musical, directed by George Cukor and starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn.

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The film swept up most of the major Oscars for its year, though, famously, there was resentment in some quarters that Julie Andrews had not been allowed to repeat her stage Eliza, and that the role had gone instead to Hepburn, the established star who, nonetheless, had to have her voice dubbed.

Today, the film My Fair Lady seems a rather over-reverential replica of the stage original, deprived of its theatrical zest. There should be a collective sigh of relief, though, that a recent projected remake of My Fair Lady, with Colin Firth as Higgins, failed to get off the ground.

A comparison of the myth pygmalion by ovid and the play pygmalion by bernard shaw

In his lifetime, Shaw had resolutely rejected any attempt to turn Pygmalion into a musical. Shaw insisted that Pygmalion possessed its own verbal music, but he must also have been wary of the conventions of musical comedy which would demand a romantic union at the conclusion.

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This was precisely the scenario that was eventually used in My Fair Lady. Eliza returns to find Higgins in his study, disconsolately listening to her voice on his recording machine. Higgins has produced a woman with a soul to call her own. Initially, he deprived Eliza of her independence as a flower seller, and in effect enslaved her.

But by the end, Eliza has the power to exist without Higgins. Why should we wish her to stay with him, as his perpetual slipper-carrier?

Eliza, as Shaw never ceased trying to explain, should be well shot of him.Shaw's play, as its title indicates, owes much to previous sources, mostly mythology. Pygmalion was a character in the tenth book of Ovid's Metamorphoses.A sculptor from Cyprus who did not enjoy the company of women, the man Pygmalion created an idealized female form out of ivory and then fell in love with the statue.

Students will conduct three close readings of Thomas Bulfinch's Pygmalion to answer text-dependent questions, work with vocabulary from the text, and construct a plot diagram of the myth.

Students will also work as a class to read an abridged excerpt from Act II of George Bernard Shaw's award winning play, Pygmalion. Greek mythology has two versions of Pygmalion. In one tale, Pygmalion was a Greek king, grandfather to the handsome Adonis.

In another, the poet Ovid wrote a tale about a sculptor who created a beautiful statue that he named Galatea, who subsequently came to life.

The playwright George Bernard Shaw. Oct 21,  · During the lesson, Dr Edwin asked us to find more about the Pygmalion myth and try to connect between the play “Pygmalion” by George Shaw and “Pygmalion” in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

We see, George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion is loosely inspired from this Greek legend in several ways apart from the common title. There is a clear parallel between Greek legend Pygmalion and. In the two stories "Pygmalion," by, Bernard Shaw and the myth, "Pygmalion," by Ovid, there are similarities and differences which makes one story reminiscent of another, and yet unique enough to .

A Life Full of 'Drama' Comparison between Pygmalion-Shaw & Pygmalion-Ovid's Metamorphoses